“If i could tell a story in words,I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.”

My name is Jackson Kanyoro.I am a photographer and also a videographer,blessed to have this talent .
I am focused on taking photos that give the full story and capture intimate moments that move your emotion.

“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.”
A world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and colour which opens our mind and expresses our passion.That is why i am here,to help you keep a record of important events in your life throught the art of photography.

Jackson Kanyoro – CEO Imageloft Studios


Jackson gave me and my family an ecstatic mood during the photoshoot.He is awesome ,anyone can tell that Photography is in his DNA ,in his blood by the way he takes the pictures.
You have to meet Jack.He is such an amazing person with an amazing talent whose mind is set to deliver professional work.He filmed my wedding and every scene was fabulous. This guy is awesome,try him.
His perfected skill has a matchless greatness which through his eyes and lenses operate at a frequency of diligence with an empowering to produce pleasant results, if Jack takes your picture,you'd look at it for years....He is awesome and truly authentic