Proposals & Engagements

Michelle & Vincent Surprise proposal

It all started in our church(A.C.K St.Elizabeth) on a youth Sunday,Michelle and Vincent had been dating for quite some time it was evident every time these two stood next to each other.Having been my friend for quite sometime, Vincent threw some hints occasionally to me that showed he was planning to do something serious for his girlfriend Michelle.

So after some fun in church with the youth he pulled Michelle to the backyard of the church and sent out for me,Here they were trying on some photo poses.So as a friend and a photographer i came in handy,i took some beautiful shots and showed them a few tips on how to pose for some couple photographs.

Little did i know that Vincent would call me later on during the week to buy me a cup of coffee and with unusual request on his intentions to Michelle. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend Michelle in the woods of Karura Forest, and get some engagement shots after — but he didn’t want her to know he’d arranged to capture the proposal – only some regular girlfriend & boyfriend shots after!

All the while to have the surprise hidden from Michelle, Vincent had to pull in a little lie convincing her that they were to join his best friend (Twig) for a pre-planned photo shoot at Karura forest to celebrate their glowing relationship.
Well mission accomplished, she bought the bait! It was that easy for Vincent,she trusts him.

We had arranged for the many friends of the couple to secretly follow us then, 10 minutes after the proposal, they would show up for a pre-arranged engagement shoot and celebrate with us all together.

There she is in the middle bossing around,with no clue of the events to unfold later on.

Twig and Lahrine made it believable and realistic,they deserve an award.

and this beautiful lady too,she made it fun.

Anyone would have bought in to this bait.

For quite sometime as we walked along the meandering roads in the woods of karura,Vincent had not found a good spot to unravel the whole surprise,but now he was certain…he gave me a sign and i knew this was the spot,the famous karura bridge.

Vincent pulled in Michelle for a photo to test the waters,and I managed to get one photo in before he began to act a little off.

So he took two steps back and there she was alone in front of the camera,she thought it was her turn to take some solo photographs but NO, this was the moment of truth,Vincent was already on his knee behind her,View the entire beautiful proposal unfold below…

We all went crazy fun! best moments,Munene(Vice chair at the time) and i taking turns in capturing these beautiful moments.

Here,Mr.Stan who occasionally has some international relations pleased us with a warm introduction to these cheerful beauties from Rwanda…

MR.Stan.. Haha

This was a beautiful day,a successful proposal.I thank God for these two,they are our inspiration and hopefully everyone will follow in their footsteps.

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