Sam & Njeri

This wedding ceremony was a little different from most, almost everyone we talked to said that it was truly beautiful and that they had never seen a ceremony like it before especially the groom,he is delighted about these photographs till date.Photography is all about memories,the most important thing in a wedding photography is to have the photographs professionally done before they are put into prints,that said the photographs should be worth a  celebration.

Going into this wedding,Njeri & Sam learned that the purpose of marriage is to glorify God. Yes, they love each other and enjoy benefits from that, but the ultimate purpose is to glorify God. A very wise person told me years ago that the reason you marry someone is because your ministry is better when you’re together than when you are alone. And that is so true for Njeri & Sam.

They knew that they wanted it to be a worship service. Yes, the purpose of a wedding is to exchange vows and make a covenant before God. But they decided to include just a bit more. When you LOVE the Lord you know that this amazing relationship is a gift from Him.

Among others,I thank God for the opportunity these two gave me to document their memories and i will forever be thankful.So get yourselves some pop corns and enjoy the photographs!

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