Your Wedding Story

When,where and how did you come to be? What is your story?Celebrate your relationship or marriage with a purpose.. Allow us to tell your story through photographs.A memory worth saving for generations to come.

What is that one good thing about yourselves that stands out from the rest? Your story is worth saving for your children & their grand children.


Invite me for a cup of tea or write me an email and i will be glad to walk with you,I will match my photography to your story beautifully.As a wedding photographer, I look to these forms of storytelling for inspiration.


Where we are from and where we have lived since childhood — the settings of our lives — are central to our life stories. The places we occupy influence the people we meet, the experiences we have, and the memories that we make.

The combination of past and present existing together in a few images creates an opportunity for insightful reflection.

NOTE : It is your choice/decision to make your story private or public.

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